Tikal Guatemala - The Mayan Empire

Tikal: “The City of Voices” One Day Tour


Tikal Guatemala - GuatemalaDiscover the heart of the Maya World just 30 minutes away from Guatemala City by plane.  Hidden by dense jungle until the 19th century, Tikal reprincipals one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites of the Maya World.  Once one of the largest and most powerful cities of the Classic Period, Tikal was abruptly and mysteriously abandoned over 1000 years ago and disappeared over the centuries into the lush jungle.  Visitors can only get a sense of the power and immensity of Tikal after climbing up Temple IV and looking out over the expansive site to view the distant temples protruding through the canopy as well as overgrown structures yet to released from the jungle’s vines.  On top of the Lost World you will also have a chance to view the other inhabitants of the area, such as the howler and spider monkeys who play in the trees surrounding the temples, or listen to the over 410 species of birds, such as toucans, that bring music to the jungle canopy.  Over 3000 structures have been unearthed from Tikal so far, including temples, palaces, living quarters, ball courts, and a sauna.  There are also many reliefs and stellae that have survived the centuries, all of which reveal the history of this magical city Tikal Guatemala - Tikal National Parkthrough Maya hieroglyphs – stories about Tikal’s kings, its incredible wealth, and its wars with neighbouring cities.  Archaeologists estimate that the 16 square kilometers that has been excavated at Tikal is only a fraction of the entire site, leaving many visitors wishing they had more time to explore this ancient and magical city.  There is also a small museum on site with a collection of ceramics, jade, shell and bone jewelry and sculptures

This adventure starts early - you will take a short flight from 'La Aurora' international airport in Guatemala City to Santa Elena where you will be met by our guide and taken to Tikal National Park to explore the “City of Voices”.   

Tikal Guatemala - Tikal National ParkOn your tour you will learn about Maya civilization and history, the rulers of Tikal and the construction of the city, the mysterious downfall of the city, and information on the flora and fauna of the region.  You will visit the Temple of the Jaguar, Great Plaza, Lost World and then scale Temple IV to look out over the jungle and the rest of the site.  The tour will take most of the day and will include a break for lunch in the park.

The price of this tour includes round-trip airfare from Guatemala to Flores, all on-the-ground transportation in the Peten, the guided tour, lunch in the park and all taxes.  Price per person: $240 USD

Price per person: $240 US

**** High Season Rate: (April, July, August, November and December))
USD $240

per person.

Special rates for groups of more than four people

** If you need transportation from Antigua to Guatemala please let us know**

** There is an additional cost for guided tours in French and Italian **

This tour is available seven days a week, excluding some holidays.

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